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Buddhist culture introduced from India through China and Korea to Japan blossoms here.

【The Royal Grand Hall of Buddhism, the sacred place for all Buddhists in the world】

Precincts covering the total area of 182 ha. in harmony with nature.

【Vermilion octagonal shrine】

Unprecedented architectural masterpiece in Japan. The shrine has four-stepped intermediate bracket complexes under the eaves and three-stepped bracket complexes under the veranda.

【Ultimate Buddhist sculpture, China】

Statue of Prince Shotoku, the work by Mr. She Guo Ping, Great Master of Arts and Crafts, a living national treasure, of China.

【Duncheong, the traditional painting, Korea】

Richly colored by Most Ven. Lee Man Bong and Mr. Hong Chang Won, Important Intangible Cultural Heritages, living national treasures, of Korea.

【Essence of Japanese traditional culture】

Octagonal golden shrine of wajima-nuri lacquer decorated with raised maki-e and chasings.

【Nalanda Mahavihara】

The Highest Institution of Learning in Honor of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand

【Poem by Prince Shotoku】

Make haste, everyone!
If you miss this chance to board the ship of Amida Buddha,
When can you ever cross to the other shore, the pure land?

【Poem by Prince Shotoku】

Who knows that
One can find the moon reflected on the pond
By pushing aside the thick water grass?

【Temple buildings in winter】

The Prince Shotoku Hall and the Five-story Pagoda looking sharp in the white snowy scenery.

◯ Car travel is recommended as an anti-COVID-19 measures. At the entrance, visitors are required to sanitize their hands and check the body temperature. Masks are required in the precincts.
◯ By car: about 15 minute-drive from Hyogo Tojo IC on Chugoku Expressway (Parking space: Juhachi Rakan Restaurant)
◯ Please do not bring in food or drinks. Please refrain from smoking anywhere in the precincts and taking photos inside the hall. Time required for the tour is about 2 hours.
◯ Depending on COVID-19 infection status, visiting may be stopped or restricted. Please visit the website for details.
◯ In the case of having a fever, entering the precincts may be denied.

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